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Growing a digital companies’ reoccurring revenue streams by over 40% in under two years

Helping an international investment company redefine its customer strategy, multichannel campaign approach and set the right vendors in place

Employing profitable new customer acquisition tactics for a brick and mortar retailer that was impacted greatly by COVID-19

Expanding a membership-based organization’s offerings into new categories, converting underleveraged ingredients into new profit streams

Driving digital transformation for a global health insurance companies’ customer survey and NPS team, including software selection and integrations

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Client Testimonials

Here’s a sampling of real world feedback we’ve gathered from businesses we’ve advised in just the past 1-2 years:

Compound Maven has been a strategic advisor, a thought partner and a tactical director across three of my ventures and many of my consulting projects. He is an expert in digital presence and uses his broad network of partners to help you build and expand your channels. CM can rapidly accelerate your journey from objective to tactical plans and allow you to hit the road running with a best in class strategy in a few days instead of months.
Mohamed Shakir
Head Of Keystone Labs, CEO Atoll Homes, Cofounder Rain Intelligence
Thanks to Compound Maven's great expertise in creating fruitful partnerships and business relationships we've managed to more than double our international client base and grow our revenue by 2.5X within 18 months.

Chaim David Mazor
Founder at CD Marketing & Media