Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many businesses we’ve helped expand: 

Compound Maven helped drive our companies’ rebranding and digital transformation efforts. Years later, we continue to benefit from this work, both online and with industry events, and would recommend them across a variety of multichannel and branding investments when your business is ready to advance its growth.
Baris Ratanjee
CEO Stack Mason
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Compound Maven for a few years now and the level of professionalism, care and dedication he dedicates to his craft and investments are quite impressive. He has a wealth of credible information and resources in his niche and genuinely takes the time to add value to these relationships by personally cultivating them. From one of his recommendations and introductions, my organization has been able to benefit directly and the impact it has helped me maintain this relationship presently. Thank you sir!
Miguel Ynclino
Cofounder Spear Investment Group, Board Member & Investor Growth Stack Inc
Thanks to Compound Maven's expertise, we’ve been able to expand and grow our online presence, subscription sales and wholesale orders. It’s a great help to have their resources and insights for a small business like mine.
Jordan Jon
Owner Bare Knuckle Roasting
Working with Compound Maven tremendously helped me shift my perspective on how to grow my business and connect with more clients. I'm an executive life coach, and don't think about my practice as a business. Whenever I come to CM for advice, I feel that he puts himself in my shoes, connecting with my business goals and is genuinely interested in growing my business as much as I do. His guidance has always been well-researched, evidence and experience based which made it very applicable and successful. I highly recommend Compound Maven to entrepreneurs and business owners who have a growth mindset and high quality customer service in mind.
Arda Ozdemir
Founder Rise 2 Realize
We are thankful for the advice Compound Maven has given us on how to grow our business and make our marketing dollars count. With so many avenues and options, it was nice have an experienced voice guide us. In the past six months alone, after implementing what has been advised, we’ve seen a ROI-positive 8% growth in sales. Thank you!
Penny Fallon
GM Whole Ark Enterprises, Cofounder pennyRae
As a small business owner I am always looking for original and creative content that will help me think outside the box on how to grow my existing income as well as create new revenue streams. I came across Compound Maven and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the content that it has. In today's world, there are so many ways of thinking that can make it feel over saturated.

However, the way they structure the content, it not only keeps you engaged but also hooked to continue reading more. This has seriously become my new go-to for not only business growth and entrepreneurship, but also for personal life hacks to optimize my situation. I HIGHLY recommend won't regret it!
Greg Tufano
Data Advisor & Strategist Growth Shop

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